Sunday, February 26, 2012


A perfect Irish Flag Jelly!
With St. Patrick's Day not far away now, I am trying to think up fun new recipes for the day.  These are not going to be difficult recipes and more for fun on the day and the look of them than things that take longer and involve a little more skill. 

Of course, I do have our Irish Recipes on  Which recipes involve a bit of cooking and in some cases, like our traditional Irish Stew, a fair bit of preparation too.

I am adding to these now with my new, fun and not really traditional things to serve on St. Patrick's Day, the first of which is my Irish Flag Jellies ~ our own original recipe.

This is simple to prepare ~ the only thing you will actually have to make is the white jelly, something that took me a fair bit of experimenting to arrive at.

To get the recipe just click IRISH FLAG JELLIES to go to the page on

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