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ERRIGAL tweetup

Errigal tweet up ~ 26th February 2012
On Sunday next, the 26th of February next there will be a Donegal tweetup ~ on the top of Errigal, which at 2,464 feet/751 meters is the highest mountain in Donegal.  Luckily one doesn't need to be a mountaineer to scale it and the people on the tweetup will be using a more accessible path up the slightly easier side of the mountain.

Incidentally, for those who don't know, a "tweetup" is where a group of people who are on twitter (and therefore "tweet") arrange to meet up in a group of fellow twitter users, hence tweetup.

This tweetup in Donegal will be the highest ever "tweetup" in Ireland and will raise much needed funds for Breast Cancer Ireland.  Another beneficiary of the Errigal tweet-up will be the Little Angels Special School, Letterkenny, who will benefit if all those taking part, or even just coming to watch, would bring any old mobile phones to donate to them.

One of the organisers of the Errigal tweetup, Carl Diver, told us how the Errigal tweetup came about:

"The tweet up came about after I climbed errigal the week before Christmas when it was covered in snow. @denis_finnmedia saw one of the photos that I tweeted and I think he said that I was mad to climb the mountain on such a day. I responded by saying that we should hold the next tweet-up at the top of Errigal and its grown from there. Denis was at one of the first tweet ups in the country that took place in Letterkenny back in September.

It'll be Irelands highest tweet up to date and it has gained a lot of support from other who have held tweet ups around the country and local people in Donegal who are on twitter have been very keen to come along. We decided that it would make sense to try and raise some money for charity if we are doing it and Breast Cancer Ireland approved us to collect in aid of them, we are asking people to donate directly on the Breast Cancer Ireland website, and The Little Angels school in Letterkenny will also collect any old mobile phones on the day.

It'll be a great day out and a bit of fun and a chance to meet people who are on-line, the SMEcommunity are very much behind tweet ups and promoting them.

So its on Sunday the 26th February, setting off from the car park at the foot of Errigal just outside Dunlewey on the road to Letterkenny, and we will set off from the car park at 12 noon. Its a peer climb so people take part at their own risk."

Those taking part are guaranteed a refreshing hike, a bit of craic with others taking part, enjoy some spectacular scenery including the beautiful Poisoned Glen, Dunlewey, and raise funds for worthy causes too.
The tweetup begins in the car park at the base of Errigal at 12 noon. The car park is on the main Letterkenny to Dunlewey (or even Dunlewey to Letterkenny) road about five minutes from Dunlewey.

If you would like more information, you can tweet any of the following:

@carldiver @denis_finnmedia @errigaltweetup or use the hashtag #SMEcommunity on twitter

or contact Carl by mobile: 0863540300  email:


  1. We are traveling to Donegal tomorrow for 1 night and 2 days. I had a whole itinerary planned (drive from Dublin to Killybegs (aren't there sea cliffs near there?) then north to Dungloe to sleep, then wake up early and go to Glenveagh national park, finally driving up around Dunfanaghy for sunset). Unfortunately, my computer was stolen last weekend :( and my nikon, so I am trying to recreate what we had planned. All I have is an iPod. If you have any insight we would SO appreciate it! We are so excited to visit!!
    -Andrew ( )

  2. Hi Andrew.

    Sorry to hear about your laptop. Very annoying indeed.

    Anyway, yes there are sea cliffs near Killybegs. They are the Sliabh Liag sea cliffs and they stand 1,972 feet above sea level. The direction is signposted out of Killybegs.

    In Killybegs you might like to visit the Maritime Museum & Carpet Factory which is worth a stop. (You can read about it on this blog).

    If you send me an email to I can advise you further.

    Admin. WeLoveDonegal