Monday, August 22, 2011


This week I am to give a speech on tourism in Donegal and one of the elements will be identifying the needs of visitors and prospective visitors to both County Donegal and Ireland generally, so I have added a poll here (above) to try and see the top needs.  You may select more than one option so if, for instance, your top priorities are "Freshly prepared and locally produced food" and "Value for money" you can select both. 

Don't forget to click "VOTE" when you have selected your top priorities.

If there is something you think is a must have for you were you visiting Donegal and it is not listed in my poll, please add it as a comment so that I can take that suggestion into account.

Thanks for taking part!

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  1. Cleanliness of beaches and other attractions would be a priority with me and others I know. I notice for instance, that there still isn't adequate dustbins on Murvagh beach and area which leads many visitors to the beach to simply leave their rubbish where they were sitting. We always bring binbags with us to the beach and have no bother filling them with other people's rubbish which they simply left behind. The main landfill dump for the area is only up the road in Ballintra, so I can't see why the council can't supply a quad and trailer to service any dustbins on the beach for the busy periods of the summer.