Tuesday, July 26, 2011


On Saturday evening we enjoyed a delicious meal in the Village Tavern, Mountcharles.  Sitting on their decking outside, eating freshly caught fish in the warmth of a summer's evening was pretty special and as the weather was so perfect, we decided to drive down through the village after our meal and spend a while on Mountcharles pier.

There are of course many scenic areas in Donegal but the views from Mountcharles pier are some of the best and on a summer's evening it is a lovely place to go and relax for a while.

View to Barnesmore Gap mountains from Mountcharles
Parking on the pier, we got out of the car to take in the salty sea air to enjoy these views, and of course take a few photographs! 

The shore road, Mountcharles
The views are fabulous, looking all around there is nothing but perfect scenery from the little shore road with it's houses reflected in the water lapping the shore in front of them, to the views across the bay to the distinctive shape of Benbulben mountain in County Sligo, to the views to the twin mountains of Croaghconnelagh and Croaghonagh which flank the road through Barnesmore Gap and almost straight across from Mountcharles pier you can see the sandy beach at Murvagh. 

Waves lapping the sandy shore at Mountcharles
There is very little noise down there other than the sound of gulls and the lapping of the waves on the sandy shore to the right of the pier.  It is a peaceful and tranquil place to spend a while.

Kayaking at Mountcharles
Further up the pier a small group were getting their kayaks ready to take to the waters, and later watching them bobbing about in the water below the pier end.

Hungry gulls follow a small fishing boat
Out at sea anchored boats relaxed in the water, empty of people but offering a resting place for seagulls.  Two boats with fishermen on them moved around the waters, in their wake dozens of seagulls hungry for a free meal.  Even from the pier we could see the flashes of silver reflected by the sunshine behind us on the fish being line caught by the men on the boats.

Benbulben mountain in County Sligo from Mountcharles
Mountcharles sits on the shores of Donegal Bay, the largest bay in Ireland.  The Bay washes the shores of not only county Donegal but also counties Sligo and Leitrim. 

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