Wednesday, June 13, 2012


We, at We Love Donegal, are launching a new site, Holiday Donegal Ireland.

Holiday Donegal Ireland
The reason for the new site is that we while we want to keep We Love Donegal totally free of adverts and keep it a site where a visitor can browse information on Donegal and view our many photographs of Donegal without the distraction of adverts, we know from the many emails we receive that visitors to We Love Donegal have an interest in visiting Donegal and would like easy access to finding accommodation, restaurants, things to do, etc.

Our new site, Holiday Donegal Ireland, will have all these things added over the next few months.  We hope to have listings of all types of accommodation in the County together with many options for dining out, activities, and so on.

To launch the site we are organising a FREE two week's holiday in beautiful County Donegal.  The prize will include the lucky winner (plus a friend) having all their accommodation provided, all their dinners provided AND a €500 cash prize to cover either travelling to Donegal or as extra spending cash for the lucky winner once he or she is in Donegal for the prize holiday.

Entry to the draw is free of charge and is open to everyone.

The full details of the two weeks is currently being ironed out ~ and it will be fabulous.  These details will be added to Holiday Donegal Ireland in due course.

In the meantime, if you wish to register to be notified once the details are up, click HERE. 

PRIVACY GUARANTEE: Your privacy is very important to us and your contact details will NOT be shared by us with any third party.


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