Friday, November 11, 2011


Snow on Errigal, County Donegal
Driving through County Donegal on the 17th of October this year, we were surprised to see snow so early in the year but there it was in all it's beauty atop the highest mountain in Donegal, Errigal.

It looked so pretty we pulled over to let me get out with my camera to capture the moment.  The photographs turned out very nicely but the one above is my favourite one.  We were actually at least seven miles from Errigal but I enlarged and cropped the photograph which makes it seem as if we were much nearer all the better to see the snow and clouds around our highest peak.

I tweeted the photograph and it ended up having almost 3,000 views and was picked up by an internet weather news site slot who then put it on their facebook page where it was copied to lots of facebook users page and was 'liked' around 300 times.  It was put on the Shaun Doherty Show's wall on facebook too.

It was featured on Martin King's weather spot on TV3 and later in the evening I received an email from someone from the internet weather news site to give me a link to it on YouTube which shows it getting 'pic of the day' on the Meteor weather slot on FYI.

Not bad for a simple photograph of snow and clouds on our highest mountain eh?

It's not just we who love Donegal eh?

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  1. Another beautiful picture Catherine,
    Thanks very much. If and when money gets better i ought to get back there again.

    I learned of your wonderful blog from the "Irish Emigrant Forums."