Thursday, October 13, 2011


O'Connell Bridge, Dublin, Ireland
Yes, Dublin is not in Donegal.  Obviously.

So why on a site dedicated to County Donegal are we adding a section devoted to Dublin?

Well, firstly, Dublin is after all Ireland's capital city and in fact a great city too.  Added to that, many people coming to Ireland, whether travelling to County Donegal or elsewhere in Ireland for their holiday, spend a while in Dublin so the new section for Dublin on our site will give visitors to Dublin somewhere to read a little history of various places in Dublin and view photographs of these places, perhaps helping them decide on places they want to see when they land in Dublin.

So, whilst we do love Donegal best of all, we love Dublin too and we hope visitors to our site will enjoy our new Dublin section.

LINED UP TO APPEAR in our DUBLIN section (so far) and to include a little history, information and photographs:

~ The Guinness Storehouse (one of Ireland's most visited attractions)
~ Kilmainham Gaol
~ St. Stephen's Green
~ Croppies Acre & The Croppies Memorial Garden
~ Glasnevin Cemetery (where the most famous men and women in Irish history are buried)
~ Phoenix Park (the largest city park in Europe)
~ Dublin Literary Pub Tour
~ Statues and sculptures of Dublin (with their amusing nick-names)

... and that is just the start!


  1. Hi Catherine,

    Excellent pic.

    I learned about this site from Irish Emigrant Forums:



  2. Brilliant, my brother is trying to plan a Dublin stag do (with an older group) so some of these options including the Dublin Literary Pub Tour or Guinness Storehouse would be perfect for a tamer stag and different from the typical parties you might see in Dublin!

  3. I‘ve been to Dublin for two nights this year and I really wished I would have taken more time to visit this wonderful city. But it‘s ok, since the city won‘t go anywhere, I can still visit next year!